Non-NHS Services

Our current tariff is:

Fitness to drive for insurance or employment

Report only £50.00
Examination and report £90.00

Travel certificates

Fit to travel certificate £15.00
Cancellation certificate £25.00
Passport countersignature £25.00
International certificate of vaccination £14.50
Certificate to refund fees (BUPA etc) £25.00
Written professional opinion for Power of Attorney £88.00
Certificate of negative HIV result £55.00

Travel immunisations

Hepatitis A&B (full course) 3 doses £72.00
Hepatitis A&B (booster) 1 dose £40.00
Rabies (full course) 3 doses £103.00
Rabies (booster) 1 dose £51.00
Yellow Fever† 1 dose £60.00
Japanese Encephalitis 2 doses £103.00
Japanese Encephalitis‡ 3 doses £138.00
Tick borne Encephalitis 3 doses £138.00

†Peninsula Medical Practice is a registered Yellow Fever immunisation centre and the cost of immunisation includes a WHO compliant international certificate of immunisation (ICVP)

‡Preferred course if there is enough time before departure date


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